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Cycleway New Zealand

Everything you need to know

This website has been set up by a bunch of Kiwi cyclists who wanted to create an information portal for off-road biking trails in New Zealand, including the fabulous New Zealand Cycle Trail project.
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  • Indy Cycle Trail

    Indianapolis Cultural Trail

    A shining example to the councils of NZ

    It seems like a lot of American cities are embracing the bike culture.  And a new circuit in the city of Indianapolis is attracting a lot of attention.
  • US town bans bicycles

    Posted on Fri., Jun. 18, 2010

    The Colorado gambling town of Black Hawk is not backing down from its ban on bicyclists pedaling their two-wheelers on its streets.
  • Boost for US cycle plans

    Posted on Fri., Jun. 18, 2010

    Extra spending on cycling in USA...
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