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Cycleway New Zealand

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This website has been set up by a bunch of Kiwi cyclists who wanted to create an information portal for off-road biking trails in New Zealand, including the fabulous New Zealand Cycle Trail project.

Albany Uni Campus MTB Trails, Auckland

Wicked Single Track in Small Area

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First up: ride these trails only in the dry.  I'll say that again: ride these trails only in the dry.  You have been warned.  Try riding them in the wet and you will not enjoy it and more importantly you will mess up the trails, making for slower recovery.

But when it's dry, oh boy!

This is pretty raw MTB.  By that I mean we are talking clay soil with plenty of off camber roots via countless tight corners.  Did I say tight?  Oh yeah - they have packed as much trail into one little area as you could manage without a spiral!

It takes a while for some riders to get used to the fact that other sections of the trail can been seen less than a metre either side of you as you ride - sometimes the layout looks impossible.  You are not sure if you will be over there in 5 seconds of 5 minutes (as Doova found out when he tried some trail jumping: "Guys!  Guys!  Where are you?").

There are very few decent decents before you find yourself climbing again, that is the nature of these trails.  And we like it!  If you live local and ride these trails often, you will be one hard MTB dude. 

Thing is, many riders let it beat them up.  But you can actually pace yourself well here and ride it pretty damn fast.  It is about gear selection (rather than try a gear change, get up on those pedals and push hard up that next 30 metres) and making the turns as smooth as possible.

So we say well done to James and the crew.  And thanks to Massey University for letting it happen.

Twisting and Turning - Through this well established native forest, the Royal Route makes maximum use of a small area.

True Single Track - and tight and technical.  This is raw.

Educational Design - The Massey University Campusthat you ride from is an impressive bit of architecture.

Stay Sharp - around any corner could be one of the many tricky obstacles.


How to get to the Albany MTB Trails

The land used for these trails is provided with tke kind permission of the Massey University. If you park at the campus, please show utmost respect.

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