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Cycleway New Zealand

Everything you need to know

This website has been set up by a bunch of Kiwi cyclists who wanted to create an information portal for off-road biking trails in New Zealand, including the fabulous New Zealand Cycle Trail project.

Introducing Kimbo Taihuka

Abzilla the Pun

Famous for being the first Freakster to conquer Direct Road without dismount, Kimbo has wooed crowds for years with his uncanny likeness to Will Smith, Marvin Gaye and Oprah.

But seriously, this Personal Trainer of 20+ years is fitter than a fiddle and can help you out with your fitness goals no matter how big or little they are.

You can find out more on Kim's online personal training website - you'll see plenty of mountain biking references there!

Kim's love for off-road cycling made him a must for the Cycleway New Zealand team and he is looking forward to providing us with his insights to the cycling opportunities in New Zealand.